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Why choose us?

The practice of law is an honorable profession. We are continually aware of our dual obligation to vigorously represent our clients, and maintain the honor and dignity of our justice system.

Responsible capitalism benefits society. We are committed to using the law and our justice system to create an environment in which the health and creativity of individuals and companies can thrive.  We believe in the balance our laws strike between marketplace competition, intellectual property rights, and the need to protect the public.  Our mission is to ensure that balance is always maintained in the interest of a thriving, healthy society.

Always negotiate win-win deals. Our commitment to our clients is that each and every agreement they enter into be a good deal to all involved.  This avoids problems and breakdowns later, and simply amounts to good business practice.  We fundamentally believe that people are passionate about helping one another.  And yet, at times people have difficulty seeing the forest for the trees.  We keep our eye on the forest.

People should do what they love. Our greatest pleasure is being of service. Through efficient, economic, intelligent counsel, and a wealth of relevant experience, we help our clients exceed their goals while focusing on doing what they love.  We do what we do so that you are secure and free to do what you love.

We have a broad based wealth of experience and knowledge on a wide range of practice areas with a key focus on:


We are proud of the miles we have gone and the deep conveyance experience we have acquired in dealing with aspects of conveyance.

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Labor and Human Resource Law

Labor and human law resource in Kenya mainly rotates on all fields of the employer/employee relationships. It is governed mainly by the Employment Act

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Property law

The protection of the right to property in Kenya is enshrined under Article 65 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010

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Landlord and Tenant matters

At JJS Advocates we give quality legal counsel to all our clients both landlords and tenants on matters revolving around creating tenancy,

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Commercial Contracts and Negotiations

Regarding commercial leases, security and commercial soundness we give attention to the needs of our clients

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ADR -Mediations

With the expertise of mediation by J.M Mutua a partner of JJS Advocates and a certified mediator by the Mediation Accreditation Committee (Board). JJS puts our legal firm at the leading edge

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Commercial law

At JJS Advocates we give counsel services to our commercial clients depending on the need at hand. This is governed by the Banking law, the law of contract, tax law amongst others.

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Insurance law

We have advised and provided compliance, transactional as well as litigated on behalf of big established insurance companies in Kenya.

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Health Management law

This is governed under the Constitution of Kenya 2010, The Health Bill 2015, The Kenya Public Health Act 242 .

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Intellectual property

At JJS Advocates we competently handle intellectual property matters and these are governed by a wide number of legislation for instance the Constitution of Kenya 2010, The Competition Act 2011, the Trade Marks Act 2009,

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Environmental matters

Environment been key to the society, our clients have always valued a well researched counsel advice and this we have with much commitment fulfilled. It has been with much pleasure for us noting that our clients come to us with the stamina and the know how that indeed a clean environment is their guaranteed right

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