A world reborn, refreshed and triump.

We are energised, full of hope, determination and courage to face the future. It is still a beautiful world ahead!.

We are reminded all our dark yester_days, can still be reborn, refreshed and triump to victories_after patiently waiting and enduring. Nothing is impossible, with the right attitude!

We can look back to our empty selfs and refill with hope, love and kindness in all our dealings and especially as we engage as jjs family. It is possible to stick together as a family during the current global health crisis!.

We can look forward to finish our financial year well, innovatively and with zeal to enter to a new year regardless. Its doable if are all focused on our core-mandate-why does jjs exist!

We shall do things differently to achieve different results (Better), in these uncertain times. One certain thing is uncertainty, thus lets keep on learning and unlearning to keep to the tides!.

Lastly my Brothers and Sisters, After Easter ,lets do what we should do to keep JJS soaring in the Environmental mist, we all have what it takes. Our combined uniqueness and diversity is our strength!


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